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Consumer Protection Council

Business Obligations

Businesses shall:

Not employ technologies that are inherently harmful, injurious, violent and hazardous to consumers;

Remove or eliminate from the market, hazardous products, and replace them with products that are safer and more appropriate;

Not indulge in obnoxious practices or the unscrupulous exploitation of consumers;

Adopt appropriate measures to ensure that products are safe for either intended or normally safe use;

Produce labels showing date and place of manufacture of products and certificate of compliance;

Not indulge in the sale, distribution, and advertisement of products which do not comply with safety or health regulations;

Certify that their products meet all safety standards;

Notify consumers of any imminent public hazard in their products, and withdraw such products from the market;

Not issue wrongful or deceptive advertisements about a product or service; and Register all sales promotions with the Council.