1. Confirm if the organisation is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
  2. Visitation: CPC or its representative needs to confirm the organisation’s physical address by paying an initial sheduled visit to the as indicated on the application letter. This visit will be followed by an unscheduled one. The following will be noted during the visit:                                                                                                                                              
    1. The number of staff that man the NGO (minimum of 5).
    2. Presence of basic office equipment to function as an NGO
    3. Evidence of operation to function as an NGO. E.g. Mails, Publications (n constitution, Mission & Vision, mandates, printed educational materials).
    4. Evidence of their previous activities on consumer protection issues e.g. research findings, developed educational materials, photo documentary of their campaigns, advocacy etc     
  3. The Council needs to know the key officers of the NGO and carry out background check on the profile.                                 
  4. The organisation must be not – for profit and non –partisan.
  5. Need to monitor the Organisation’s activities for 3 months before consideration for registration.
  6. If the satisfies all the conditions stated above, guidelines for the registration of NGO would be issued to the applicant.