Post Approval and Promotion


In the provisional approval letter, the conditions of approval are stated as follows:

  1. The promoter is required to forward the name(s) and phone number(s) of your contact person(s) for easy communication regarding the promotion.
  2. The gifts must be at the organization’s central gift warehouse within seven (7) days after registration for CPC’s sighting and verification before distribution to the redemption centres.
  3. The gift items at the organization’s central gift warehouse meant for the promotion will be verified by the Council two (2) weeks after provisional approval, using the submitted invoice of the gift items.
  4. The Council shall send a copy of the verification checklist to APCON within forty-eight (48) hours after verification.
  5. The promoter should also send a list of the various redemption centres for the gifts to CPC since the Council will pay unannounced visits during the quarterly monitoring exercise to verify assertions made by the organization.
  6. The promoter is required to inform the staff of their offices/branches and redemption centres that the Council will undertake unannounced monitoring exercise shortly. The objective of same is to ascertain that conditions of approval are being adhered to and also to ensure that the gift items are actually being won and collected by consumers.
  7. The promoter must invite the Council to their ‘draws/promotional activities’ at least two (2) weeks before it takes place to enable the council to prepare to attend and witness the draw procedure and presentation of gifts to winners.
  8. The promoter shall submit to the Council the list of winners, prizes won and mobile telephone contacts at the end of each draw. This is to enable Council carry out random checks on recipients of gifts, using their contacts, for confirmation after each draw.
  9. Should the list of winners not be available at draw venue, a reminder letter requesting for the list of winners should be sent to organisers within 24hrs of completion of the draw.
  10. Should the promoter require an extension of the sell-in-time, Council’s approval must be sought and received before the expiry of the initial approval of Council.
  11. The promoter must inform the Council of any change(s) in the original terms of promotion ahead of schedule.

Failure to comply with the above conditions may lead to revocation of the approval.


  1. The promoter shall submit to the Council a comprehensive list of all the winners, prizes won and mobile telephone contacts at the end of the entire promotion within one week of expiration of the sell-in-time.
  2. At the end of the promotion, the Council shall confirm the winnings using the list of winners with contact details and appraise the promotion.
  3. The report of the promo shall be forwarded to DG through DSE
  4. Findings of the appraisal shall be forwarded to the promoters.
  5. The Council shall take actions within the ambit of its mandate on the promoters that defaulted in carrying out the approved conditions, to serve as deterrent to others.