Pre-registration Requirements

NOTE: Kindly ensure you also read through the following sections: Assessment of Promo/Timeline, Provisional Offer, Post Approval, Post Promotion and Promotion Fees

  1. Application for registration of promotion by the promoter
  2. The Consumer Protection Council issues the sales promo guidelines to promoter and also a registration form to fill.
  3. The promoter fills the ‘application for registration form’ and submits to the Council

In the form, the following are stated:

  1. Name of promoter
  2. If a registered company, the CAC registration certificate (RC) number
  • Name and description of promo
  1. Venue(s) of the promotion
  2. Particulars of promotion
  3. Total value of promo
  4. Prizes to be won
  5. Sell-in-time
  6. Details of how consumers are expected to participate
  7. Closing date for entries if applicable
  8. Limitation on the availability of promotion packs in relation to the stated closing date
  9. Restrictions on entries if any
  10. Criteria for judging entries
  11. How and when winners and results will be announced
  12. How and when winners will be notified of results
  13. Will a cash alternative be substituted for any prize and vice versa? Yes/No
  14. If ‘Yes’, state details
  15. State clearly whether winners will be used in post-event publicity

Note: it is also stated in the form that:

  • The promoter shall give the Council notice of any changes in respect of the particulars stated in the above application.
  • The making of false entry in this form is a criminal offence punishable under S.19 of the CPC Act. 1992
  1. The ‘promo prize confirmation form’ must be filled and submitted to the Council (form attached).
  1. The company is also required to attach the following to the application:
  1. Certificate of Incorporation/Registration
  2. Samples of advertisements to be placed in both electronic & print media
  3. Samples of questions for intended participants
  4. Detailed pro forma invoice of the gift items including the quantity of each item, unit cost and total costs.
  5. Letter of undertaking to run a free and fair promotion
  6. List and addresses of your redemption centres if any, to enable the Council program same into its field monitoring exercise.
  7. Samples of fliers and posters meant for the promotion
  8. Letter of approval from Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for promos that require telecommunication services, in order to ensure avoidance of congestion of lines.