This week ( 14th – 20th November) is World Antibiotic Awareness Week and the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) is calling on all Consumers to remind them again that they should beware because antibiotic resistance can kill.

Antibiotics are a group of medical drugs used to kill bacteria and treat infections. They are indeed miracle drugs because when used appropriately and responsibly, they can treat both sick humans and animals alike. However, misuse can cause resistance, which can lead to loss of life.

This year, the theme for commemoration of World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) is  Consumer Beware, Antibiotic Resistance can kill. WCRD is celebrated on the 15th of March, every year.  The Council wants to remind Consumers that:

  1. Fake, counterfeit or sub – standard antibiotic can cause antibiotic resistance which can lead to death. Therefore, they shoud patronise only Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) registered drug outlets for their drug supplies in order to avoid fake products.
  2. Antibiotic resistance can cause your drug not to work properly.
  • Non – compliance with dosage as stated by authorized prescriber can cause antibiotic resistance.
  1. Do not pressurize the prescriber to give you antibiotic when they know there is no need for it.
  2. Using antibiotic without prescription can harm you, since it can lead to resistance. Do not self – medicate.
  3. Cook your meat well done to prevent resistant bacteria being transfered to you from the meat.
  • Routine addition of antibiotic used by human to animal feed can lead to resistance to that antibiotic. This habit by the farmers has to stop!
  • Maintain personal hygiene to prevent infection, so there is no need to take antibiotic in the first instance.
  1. Put a stop to misuse of antibiotics today for your safety.

Wishing us all a very safe World Antibiotic Awareness Week and beyond!