Arik Air Emergency Landing; CPC urges full compliance with applicable consumer protection laws

Friday March 9th, 2018; CLARIFICATION: on Teusday March 6th, 2018,  Arik Air Flight W3304 departed Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos (LOS) for Kotoka International Airport, Accra (ACC) at approximately 1915hrs for a 55 minute flight. The flight was operated by a Dash8 Q400 turbo propeller aircraft.  
Close to arrival and approximately 81 miles from ACC, passengers reported smoke in the cabin of the aircraft. The captain confirmed that there was smoke in the cabin from an unknown source, but secured the operation of the aircraft. He declared an emergency and landed the aircraft in accordance with emergency landing procedures.
All passengers and crew disembarked safely and ultimately received their baggage. CPC understands that Ghanaian aviation authorities have been notified and (in partnership with Nigerian Civil aviation authorities) are in charge of inquiring into, and investigating the incident. The aircraft has remained on ground in Accra accordingly.
The CPC again encourages relevant aviation authorities to ensure full compliance with local and other applicable consumer protection laws, regulations and protocols particularly, but not limited to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations Part 19.
Although there have been reported accidents in world aviation in recent times, and incidents in Nigeria, CPC understands that the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority is exercising additional scrutiny and precaution to continue to ensure safe operations and passenger satisfaction. CPC welcomes this assurance while underscoring the importance of such efforts to avoid incidents and sustain consumer confidence in the sector.
CPC also notes with commendation, the unprecedented attention and action of the Federal Executive Council in directing a safety audit of a domestic airline involved in an incident.
Finally, CPC invites consumers to exercise their rights by demanding and insisting on appropriate services and providing timely information to relevant authorities in the event of irregularities. Once again, we are grateful all passengers are safe and demand that Arik deploy all necessary apparatus to ameliorate any inconvenience or anxiety passengers may have experienced.
Babatunde Irukera
Director General